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Pink Diamond Rings

Pink Diamond RingsPink is the best color for women and girls. Pink also a romantic colour expressing true love. Pink diamond ring is absolutely very pretty and it must be a perfect choice for engagement ring. Natural pink diamond is quite rare to find, make this rings is quite expensive to purchase. The rings are frequently purchased by cellebrties. Pink diamond rings with artificial color is less expensive.

Diamond, the hardest natural substance found on the Earth, is highly valued as a rare and precious gem. It is most commonly found in a colorless or pale state, although deep shades known as "fancy colors" occasionally occur. The most sought after of these are the pinks and reds mined in the Argyle mine of Western Australia. Here over 90% of the world's supply of pink and red diamonds are mined and whilst only 5% of the diamonds produced by the mine are of gemstone quality less than 1% of these are pink or red. If these diamonds are so rare do we know how pink diamonds are formed?

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Pink diamonds, in common with all other diamonds, form under extremely high pressures and temperatures deep within the Earths crust, at the base of old continents in regions known as cratons. It is widely accepted that the diamond crystal lattice is distorted by extreme levels of heat and pressure after the stones formation, leading many to believe that pink diamonds may come from deeper in the Earths crust than the more common clear variety.

The extreme heat and pressure slightly alters the crystalline structure of the diamond in such a way that it will reflect only the shades of red light found in the spectrum, so this is the color the diamond will appear to the human eye. The amount of heat and pressure the diamond stone is subjected to determines the scale of the shift in the crystalline structure, which is why we find diamonds in all shades from light pinks through to dark pinks and ultimately red.

If this is how pink diamonds are formed then how are they transported to the surface? Beneath the Earths crust lies a plastic interior called the mantle. As the crustal plates move and collide weak points are created which can lead to molten magma from the mantle working its way to the surface, sometimes erupting violently to form volcanoes.

Small, but explosive, volcanoes are formed when magma erupts from deep within the mantle. These eruptions can carry magma from the craton levels to the surface in a matter of days or even hours, bringing with them diamond stones.

The speed of the journey from the craton level to the surface is an important factor in preserving the unique crystalline structure of the pink diamond, quickly removing it from the sources of heat and pressure which could alter it again. Miners then extract the diamonds from the diamond pipes or from the beds of surrounding rivers where the diamonds have been transported and deposited by weathering and erosion.
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