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Indian Clothing

Not for nothing India is known as the land of unity in diversity. Indian fashion is one of the best examples of this ages old adage. Indian clothes are truly versatile. The credit must go to diverse culture and regional landscape of India. But the blending of India-ness can be truly seen in the clothes that we wear. For example, Salwar Kameez is basically a dress of Muslims and Punjabis but see how seamlessly it has integrated with other forms of clothing in the rest of India. What was used to be a dress of particular part of India can now be seen in other parts as well.
Variety has emerged as the key word. Shrinking geographical differences and tremendously enhanced communication has contributed in raising awareness of number of dresses. Now people don’t blink even once before trying a new cloth. More, the merrier has become the norm. Indian men and women have started to experiment with emerging trends in Indian clothing. Take for example, Sari and how it is being experimented with different sort of embroidery and designs.

Embellishments are being tried and accessories to being used to adorn the clothes. But the soul of the cloth remains Indian. Designers are attuned to fashion events and changes taking place in world and they don’t feel shy in attempting new designs. Most of the rural dresses have already traveled to modern parts of Indian and few even to abroad. Sari is not merely a traditional Indian dress rather it is a statement now. A little bit of imagination and few tweaks and things are looking entirely different. As the present is looking so exciting, future definitely holds lots of promises for Indian fashion.
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