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Sheila Márquez

Sheila Marquez 0041 Sheila Márquez says 2011 is going to be sexy
Sheila Marquez picturesSheila Marquez calendarSheila Marquez photosSheila Marquez picturesSheila Marquez calendar
It seems that 2011 is going to be one sexy year in Spain...
Wait a second… Harper’s Bazaar has a super sexy 2011 calendar featuring Spanish model Sheila Márquez? Apparently in Spain they do. Now I am left wondering why women (their obvious target market, right?) would want to own a calendar of a sexy Spanish model sporting some armbras, wearing bikinis, and basically being half-naked. Do the women in Spain put calendars like this up in their offices? And if they do, is anyone over there hiring?!
Sheila Marquez pictures 
Sheila Marquez calendar
Sheila Marquez nude
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