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Alejandra Barros

Alejandra Barros 0061 Alejandra Barros must make for appointment television
Alejandra BarrosAlejandra BarrosAlejandra Barros
Alejandra BarrosAlejandra BarrosAlejandra BarrosAlejandra Barros

I'd definitely watch her TV show...
Not only is television better in the UK than it is where I live it’s also better in Mexico as evidenced by the fact that they seem to have an unlimited supply of sexy actresses like Alejandra Barros. Ladies like Alejandra are the reason why Mexico came in at #5 on the Sexiest Countries in the World list, and back then I didn’t even know about her. Wait a second… is this correct? Is she really 39 years-old? Holy smokeshow, Batman… (See, this is what American TV has done to me. So sad.)
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