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Antonia Iacobescu

Come back to America, Antonia? We need you!
I sure do like Romania. Not the country necessarily, I really don’t know anything about it, but the women like the one you see here, Antonia Iacobescu, them I like. Another thing I really enjoy about Romania is their version of FHM. I mean, when you visit their Web site it’s BOOM! topless women right there on the home page. Heck, you don’t even see that on here in the States. What does that say about us as Americans? I think it says we’re kind of lame. Oh, as for Antonia here, apparently she only goes by her first name over in Romania, a la Cher, and get this, she was raised in Utah and Las Vegas until she was 13 before returning to Romania where she proceeded to hit it big in singing and modeling. Just another reason we here in America are quite lame. We let Antonia get away and haven’t used all our powers to bring her back yet.
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