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Sila Sahin

Sila Sahin playboy cover Sila Sahin poses for Playboy, is a hero to women everywhere
That's right... no one can tell you what to do, Sila!
Sila Sahin is a Muslim actress. She also posed naked for Playboy. Now you’d think that posing for Playboy would be a good thing, but apparently that whole Muslim thing kind of gets in the way of that. Her parents are said to have reacted with “horror” at the 12-page coverage, and her mother has apparently cut off all contact. That’s too bad. I say if a woman with a body like Sila wants to show it off to the entire world, who are they to deprive her of fulfilling a dream? As she put it, “”What I want to say with these photos is, ‘Girls, we don’t have to live according to the rules imposed upon us’.” You tell ‘em, Sila!
Sila Sahin
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