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TwitPic Theater: Miss California, Sideways World, Grotto,

This week, TwitPic Theater was under the weather on Monday. However, a little Vitamin C and 140 characters of hotness laced into our Twitter stream relieved our chills so that we could bring you this week’s best TwitPics with minimal delay.
@BreezyBZ @geebin@BreezyBZ @geebin didn’t invite us on their night out, but we love them anyway!

@sasckyaporto@sasckyaporto defies the laws of TwitPic quality and delivers a nature shot that delivers natural beauty of all kinds and inspires us to re-consider nature entirely.

@Sarah_Michaels prepares to murder an innocent looking pastry type pancake thing.

@missnov98 @karamonaco @tiffanyselby@missnov98 @karamonaco @tiffanyselby shared a little love with the Twitterverse in while out on the town.

@shannamoakler miss ca@shannamoakler breaks the TwitPic Theater World Record for “Most Babes Per Pixel” with this shot of the Miss California auditions.

@carabrett@carabrett is sideways.

@francescafrigo @Amyleighandrews @heatherraeyoung @ashleyhobbs21@francescafrigo @Amyleighandrews @heatherraeyoung @ashleyhobbs21 went for a dip in the grotto.

@misskarinnoelle getting dirty.
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