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Shah Shah Rukh was happy to let Aamir lead because he knew was happy to let Aamir lead because he knew


Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are back to being friends because of the recent multiplex-producers row, however most of the personal issues still need to be sorted out and thats the reason the duo are not meating each other at their own homes and rather their meeting point is a neutral Karan Johar’s place.
Aamir taking charge of the multiplex row, invited actors Saif, Salman, SRK, Akki and Hrithik to join him and only SRK was available to lend him his support.
A source says, “The principled man that he is, Aamir is reported to have told Shah Rukh that since they have a few unresolved personal issues, he would not go to Mannat. ‘And let’s not meet at my home, either, let’s meet on neutral ground,’ Aamir is said to have added. And that is why meetings were held at Karan Johar’s Union Park residence for two nights in a row.’’

“Shah Rukh was happy to let Aamir lead because he knew Aamir had already had a few meetings, and was more updated on the issue.”
“SRK, who is blessed with the gift of the gab, was truly a treat to hear.’’
“With Aamir around, I have to eat something extra sweet.’’ At which Aamir laughed. Next, when Aamir went to find a toilet and came back (thrice) complaining to Karan that all the toilets were occupied, Shah Rukh teased him saying, “Arre, what’s with you? Do you want to pee in every toilet in Karan’s house?’’
Then SRK asked for tips on how to quit smoking from Aamir, “How did you manage to give up,’’ he enquired from Aamir. “I’m trying real hard but I haven’t succeeded.’’
Great to see them bonding over work and pastries!
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