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Natalia Velez

Awhile back we saw a Colombian model named Natalia Velez starring in one of the greatest videos we’ve ever seen for Besame lingerie. There were only 8 pictures to accompany it back then, but now, now we have lots, lots more. If this woman can speak even the slightest bit of broken English someone in Hollywood needs to find her a role in something. I don’t care what, I just want to see more of her. Make it happen, people.
Natalia Velez hot 30
Natalia Velez hot 28
Natalia Velez hot 25
Natalia Velez hot 18Natalia Velez hot 14
Natalia Velez hot 04Natalia Velez hot 01Natalia Velez hot 11Natalia Velez hot 08
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